How to Use the Yahoo! App on Android


Set it Up and Customize the Yahoo Mail App as You Please

You can now take a little piece of Yahoo! with you wherever you go by installing the Yahoo email app for Android on your phone. The Yahoo! Mail app is very versatile and allows you to link to multiple email accounts and even customize each one with a theme to keep them separate.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to Android 9 and 10 and Yahoo! Mail version

How to Install the Yahoo! Mail App for Android

Installing the Yahoo! Mail app on Android is easy. Just follow the steps below:

–> Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

–> In the search bar, type Yahoo! Mail, then find and tap Yahoo! Mail.

–> Tap Install.

Note: It may take a couple of minutes to install completely. You can track the progress of the installation with the green circle around the Yahoo! app icon in the upper left corner.

–> Tap Open once it completes.

How to Set up a Mail Account in Yahoo! Mail

When you open the Yahoo! Mail app, it prompts you to sign in with your Yahoo! account. If you don’t have one, tap Sign Up to create one.

While you also have the option of signing in with Google, AOL, or Outlook, you still need to have a Yahoo! account and sign in. Once you log in, you will be asked to customize your inbox. You can enable Dark Mode and choose a color to “theme” your account.

How to Add a Mailbox to Yahoo! Mail App

You can also add other email accounts such as Google, Outlook, AOL, or another Yahoo account. To add a new mailbox:

–> Open Yahoo! Mail.

–> Tap the Profile icon at the top left.

–> A side menu will slide over, giving you access to settings. Tap + Add another mailbox.

–> Choose Gmail, Outlook, AOL, or Yahoo, then enter your email address and follow the prompts. With Gmail, you will have to sign in on a browser window to complete the process.

Note: You will be prompted to provide permissions to Yahoo! Mail.

–> Once complete, you’ll see your Yahoo! Mail account and your new mailbox just below it when you tap the Profile icon.

Customize Your Yahoo! Mailbox Settings

Along with choosing a color theme for each account, there are also some other cool settings you can use to customize the app. The Yahoo! Mail interface is user-friendly and attractive.

From any of your mailboxes, to customize the bottom row of icons:

–> Tap the three vertical dots menu in the bottom row.

–> Tap Customize.

–> You can drag and replace any of the icons currently showing to filter your views. Your choices are Starred, Unread, Receipts, Travel, People, and Subscriptions.

–> Drag your new choice to the icon you want to replace until it changes color, then let go.

–> Tap Done when you’re finished.

How to Theme Each Mailbox with a Color

Yahoo! Mail allows you to theme each mailbox with a color choice and Dark Mode if you want. To change the color of an email account:

–> Tap the Profile icon > Settings > Themes.

–> Tap the account you want to change.

–> Use the color slider to choose the perfect color, then tap Save. You can also use the toggle switch to turn on or off Dark Mode.

How to Use the Yahoo! Mail App

The Yahoo! Mail app is very easy to use, starting with being able to tap the Profile icon to switch between accounts. Each email also shows an icon on the left, making it easy to identify who it’s from and whether it’s important or just an advertisement.

You can use Yahoo Mail in various ways, including:

–> Delete emails: Swipe left, then tap Delete or Archive.
–> Mark as unread: Swipe right to mark an email as unread.
–> Filters: Use the icons at the bottom to filter your views between Unread, Advertisements, Starred, People, emails with attachments, etc.
–> New email: Tap the big pencil at the top right to compose a new email.
–> Trash emails: Tap an email to open it, then tap Trash or Archive at the bottom to get rid of it.

You can also move, forward, or mark it as spam from the bottom icons.

Important: You will see ads come in from Yahoo! Mail. You can eliminate these by signing up for Yahoo! Mail Pro for $0.99 cents/month.

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