PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update Is Live: New Features, Season Pass And More


The latest update of PUBG Mobile, 0.17.0 is available which has introduced new features that can be accessed starting today. The update will also bring the Season 12, ‘2gether We Play!’ to the players next week on March 9.

When players update their game to the latest version of the game they will be able to try out the Hardcore Mode. A classic game mode, players can find it in the Arcade selection menu. The Hardcore mode was first introduced in 2018 to give players a more ‘realistic survival experience’. In addition to not having hit indicators and sound cues players have to manually pick-up individual items and interact with doors.

To help new players ‘git gud’ at the game, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new matchmaking mode. With ‘Brothers in Arms’, rookies will be able to team up with veterans. The rookies get to learn how to play the game while veterans get rewards.

After the update, players will be able to find a new weapon in AirDrops. DBS, a double-barrel shotgun that has found its way from PUBG to PUBG Mobile. The shotgun has a magazine that holds 14 rounds of ammo with support for Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight, and Scopes from 2x through 6x. The DBS needs to be reloaded after 2 shots but it has the fastest reload time than any of the shotgun in the game.

The new update has also added new gameplay features, including a kill cam! With Death Replay, players will be able to witness their elimination from the opponents perspective.

The game has also received a ‘Colorblind Mode’ that allows players to change colours of indicators that can be accessed in the graphics settings. Also, ‘Universal Mark’ will help players communicate more effectively with their teammates using colour coded marks. They also have the ability to control the volume of each teammate individually.

In addition to these features, the update will bring the new season pass for ‘2gether We Play!’ next week on March 9th. The new Amusement Park Mode will be available with the 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration content that brings new achievements and events on March 12th.

PUBG Mobile has also teased an Arctic Mode that will bring snowstorms on Vikendi, forcing players to monitor their temperatures using new mechanics like heater or heat packs, hunting and eating chickens, even collecting wood to light a fireplace indoors.

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