GWENT finally launches the Witcher card game on Android


The hype and gushing over Netflix’s interpretation of The Witcher game seems to have faded a bit but its never too late to ride on that new wave of interest for the franchise. Except when it is actually months too late considering how GWENT, the Witcher card game, is seemingly falling on hard times at least on consoles. That game still runs on PCs and iOS with Android remaining a promise. That is until now as CD Projekt is finally letting Android phone owners toss a card to their favorite Witcher.

GWENT started out as a card minigame inside The Witcher 3 but fans’ highly positive reception inspired developers CD Projekt to spin it into its own title. It launched in late 2018 on PCs and then consoles followed by the first mobile port on iOS a year later. Now it’s Android’s turn, curiously just a few months after the game left the PS4 and Xbox One.

Unlike card games like Magic the Gathering, GWENT’s gameplay revolves more around “leaders”, almost like a MOBA, but focusing on their abilities rather than being a directly playable unit. Winners are decided based on who has the most points at the end of a round in a “best of three” style of competition.

Unlike other card games as well, GWENT features cross-play right from the start, allowing those on PC and iOS to challenge their new Android rivals. account users will also see their progress and purchases carried over to Android once they sign in. The game is also marking the launch with a special Ultimate Premium Keg for those who log in before March 31.

While The Witcher fans might be delighted at the game’s expansion on another platform, it isn’t know how long that rejoicing will last. Digital card games haven’t had the strongest run outside of the WarCraft-based Hearthstone and even that isn’t as popular as it once was. More than any other game in the market, this particular genre is largely dependent on IAPs for profits but also have to ensure that those won’t make the game feel too much like pay to win.

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