PUBG Mobile to Soon Get a New Exclusive Map Called Livik, Currently Playable in Beta Version


PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game available on iOS and Android.

PUBG Mobile will soon get a new map called Livik that will be exclusive to the mobile version of the game. The announcement was made by the official PUBG Mobile account on Twitter, adding that the map is currently playable in the beta version of PUBG Mobile. This will be the first map that is exclusive to PUBG Mobile and has not first made its way to the PC or console versions of the game. As of now, the company has not shared when Livik will make its way to the standard version of the game.

The Twitter post by PUBG Mobile introduces the new map for the beta version of the game as ‘Livik’, stating that it will be coming soon to the regular version. This map is the same map that appeared in the beta version of PUBG Mobile as “secretmap” late last month and notably, is still called ‘secretmap’. While the developers have not shared any details about the new map, except for the name, it is believed to be a combination of the four already present maps in the game namely, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

To recall, PUBG Mobile teased the new map, which at the time was rumoured to be called ‘Fourex’, in May with a Twitter post including four postcards with different areas of the map as stamps on these postcards. PUBG fans quickly put these stamps together to make one map that showed a combination of the different terrains from the four maps present in PUBG Mobile. There was a snowy area, a desert area, and grassy areas in the map, including some completely new areas as well. It was also said to be the smallest map yet, which could mean there would be a lower total player count and high action gameplay.

Now, as per the latest tweet by PUBG Mobile, this map has been named Livik and is playable in the beta version as ‘secretmap’. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for when this map will come to the stable version of the game. Additionally, PUBG Mobile is also due to receive Erangel 2.0 expected to be part of 0.19.0 update that may come out some time next month. It could be that the new Livik map is also bundled in that update.

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