Here Are 5 of the Best “Agents” in Valorant to Start Playing the Game With


Although it has been only over a month since the release of Riot Games’ 5-v-5 FPS, Valorant, it seems like the game has been popular in the market for a long time. It was, in fact, the highest streamed game on Twitch even before its official release, when popular streamers played and streamed the game while it was in beta.

Now, if you are unaware of the game, then let me give you some idea. You play in a team of five members in which each member plays as different characters or “agents” with various abilities. Now, the abilities of the “agents” are unique and exclusive to specific characters. However, these abilities are the key elements of the game. So in this piece, I am going to tell you which “agents” are the best to play with, in Valorant.

Top 5 “Agents” to Play With In Valorant

–> Jett

Jett is one of those agents with whom everyone can easily play. She comes unlocked by default in the game and her abilities are of attacking type as she is a “duelist” class agent.

Coming to her abilities, she is the only agent in the game who can hover in the air after a jump. Her tactical ability, known as “dash”, enables her to rapidly move from a point to another point in any direction. She can also deploy smoke clouds in areas to block the vision of the enemies and players can use her “updraft” ability to jump higher than usual to reach unattainable spots in the maps. And her ultimate ability, the “blade storm”, is a perfect ability to get some easy frags.

–> Phoenix

Another “duelist” class agent that comes in this list is the fiery guy from the UK, Phoenix. He is one of the coolest in the lot and his abilities make him a perfect fragger for a team.

Now, the abilities of Phoenix include throwing a ball of fire to a spot to light up a small amount of area. This will damage enemies who are caught in it, however, if Phoenix himself is on his own fire, the player’s HP will regenerate. Another ability of the agent involves creating a thin wall of fire to block vision and deal a little damage. His ultimate ability allows him to become an intangible entity. This means you can hit his ultimate in a safe spot and then go towards the enemies and if you get killed, Phoenix returns to the spot in which his ultimate was activated.

–> Omen

Now, Omen is one of a kind of agent in Valorant. He is a “controller” class agent and he is the only one in this category. Omen is best for situations that involve blocking enemy sights and confusing them through his teleportation skills.

Coming to the abilities, Omen can deploy these huge dome-shaped black clouds at any point of the map as these smoke clouds can travel through walls, unlike Jett’s clouds. He can even use the “Shadow Walk” to teleport from a point to another nearby point, to bamboozle his enemies. He can also throw a spinning orb-like thing through the walls to near-sight anyone who gets hit by it. Now, his ultimate allows Omen to travel to anywhere on the map, almost instantly.

–> Sage

Now, the list wouldn’t have been complete without the only healer in the game. As of now, there is no one other agent in the game who can heal other players except Sage. So, she is like an essential part of a team and every team should have a Sage for other players to keep fighting.

So, her abilities involve healing other players as well as herself with a healing orb. She can throw a slow orb to cover a small area with crystals that will slow down anyone who walks on it and can also create a thick wall to block certain areas preventing the enemies to enter. However, nothing matches her ultimate ability to bring back a player from the dead using “Resurrection”.

–> Sova

Sova is essentially a scouting agent who can pinpoint the location of the enemies with the help of his special bow and arrow combo. The learning curve for playing Sova is pretty easy compared to other complex agents like Reyna or Cypher.

Now, the abilities of Sova exists in the aforementioned bow and arrow of his. The player can use the manual weapon of the agent to know the exact location of the enemies or shoot a low-damaging arrow to corners where there is an enemy with low HP. Sova’s ultimate ability brings three very powerful arrows that can go through any kind of obstructions in the map, killing off enemies in its path.

So, these were our picks for the best overall Valorant agents. Apart from these agents, there are six more who have their own unique abilities. However, these four have the best overall elements that help a player to understand the game and just have fun.

Now, what do you guys think about our picks? Let us know down in the comments section.

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