How to complete the Storm challenges in Fortnite Season 4


Fortnite Chapter Season 4 dubbed as the ‘Nexus War’ was launched on August 27. The tie-up with Marvel led to exciting Comic book superheroes fighting it out against the planet-devourer supervillain Galactus. Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Groot, and She-Hulk, and an amnesiac Thor will be unlocked if one purchases Fortnite’s season battle pass.

The comic-book storyline of the new season will be played out in the coming few weeks. This is the biggest Marvel-themed update. However, there have been tie-ups between the two before featuring characters from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. In the previous season, Thor warned everyone of Galactus and his sidekicks.

Storm is one of the brand new Battle Pass skins available to players in Fortnite. Luckily for Season 4 players, she’s available as a superhero skin as soon as you reach tier 53. However, like all other skins, she has an evolved form that is available at tier 63.

This evolved form is only unlockable through an Awakening Challenge. You must complete a task specific to Storm to unlock her next form, which is the skin with a dazzling gold and black cape. Here’s how to complete Storm’s Awakening Challenge in Fortnite Season 4.

Once you unlock the skin, you will be able to complete the awakening challenges to unlock further cosmetics. This applies to various other skins such as Wolverine and she-Hulk as well. For Storm, there are three total challenges in Fortnite to complete. The challenges aren’t all that difficult, but the island itself is a dangerous place.
Complete the Storm challenges to regain her powers

To begin, you must equip the Storm skin from your locker and then hop into a match. Also, be mindful that you may encounter numerous enemies while trying to complete each challenge, as they’re sure to be popular right now. The first location you are required to visit as part of the Fortnite Storm challenges is the Weather Station. It is located on the top of the snowy mountain, just south of Catty Corner. Once you arrive, you will receive a notification indicating that the first step is complete.

Next, you have to travel to Steamy Stacks to ride the storm in one of the nuclear silos. It requires you to wait for the storm to hit, before you propel yourself out of the building and out of Steamy Stacks. As a consequence, you will take damage from the storm, so you will need to escape as fast as possible. The challenge will be completed as soon as you ride a Steamy Stacks pipe while you are in the storm.

Finally, you have to emote at the center of the eye of the storm which changes every game. Open up your mini map and place a marker in the middle of the current circle. Then, make your way to the center before the next circle begins. Upon arrival, you will notice a purple lighting rod. Stand on top of it and perform an emote to complete the final challenge. A cape will then appear on Storm’s back to indicate that her powers have returned.

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