Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Maps, Gameplay, Next-Gen Features Revealed


During its latest livestream, Activision shared a lot of details about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The publisher revealed new multiplayer modes, loadouts, character customization, multiplayer narrative, and more.

The multiplayer mode will have its on narrative based on historical events and it will take place several years after the game’s campaign. The campaign is a sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops. Players will be able to customize their operators including their backstory. The Operators will be able to join various Cold War organizations such as the MI6, CIA, KGB, and others.

The game will feature a wide range of locations such as the Black Seas, Angola deserts, urban Moscow, and Miami’s South Beach. Black Ops Cold War will introduce a variety of multiplayer modes including 6v6 VIP Escort operations, 12v12 Combines Arms battles, and the 40-player Fireteam.

The objective-based Fireteam mode will consist of 10 teams in squads of four that will battle in huge maps that include sea, land, and aerial vehicles. The game mode will allow teams to complete various missions as they wish. The Fireteam Spawn system will let players respawn in several ways including spawning on a teammate who isn’t in active combat, spawning in the passenger seat of a teammate’s vehicle, or parachuting into the map.

Black Ops Cold War will have weapons from the 1980s. Create-a-Class will be simplified with a new slog-based loadout system and four new Wildcards will be added to take customization to the next level. Gunsmith will offer 54 attachments per weapon across 8 points on primary weapons. In-game weapon stats will allow players to create their weapons with positive and negative percentage changes in stats.

The game also brings revamped Scorestreak system. Scores will not be affected after death and players who get multiple kills in a single life will earn score multipliers. Objectives will also count for the score and every Scorestreak will enter a cooldown period after it’s used. New vehicles for land, sea, and aerial travel include dirt bikes, snowmobiles, wakerunners, gunboats, FAV buggies, tanks, and attack helicopters. Time-to-kill has been adjusted to ensure that gun skill is the top priority in multiplayer.

Activision has also announced features for next-gen consoles such as Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5, and PC. On these platforms, Black Ops Cold War will support 4K visuals and 3D audio. The game will feature a Threat Priority audio system that dynamically assigns different priority to various sounds. Along with these, directional ballistics will better simulate bullet crack and alert players when they are in danger, and authentic acoustics will offer detailed occlusion and reverb on all platforms.

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