Switch leaks uncovers some original plans for the console

Switch leaks uncovers some original plans for the console, including StreetPass, backwards compatibility, and more

Could you imagine a Switch with all these features?

A new Nintendo leak has surfaced online that contains early plans for the Nintendo Switch from 2014, before the system was finalised. In the leak we can see early design concepts of the console along with plans to originally include StreetPass, backwards compatibility, and more.

The leaks were supposedly originally posted on 4chan and have since been shared by a number of Twitter users including @orcastraw (whose original tweet has been removed from the site) and @forestillusion (an account dedicated to preserving Nintendo’s history) whose tweet you can see below.

According to VGC, @orcastraw summarised some of the leaked documents which noted that the Nintendo Switch was originally closer in design to the Nintendo 3DS containing features like 3D video, backwards compatibility, Streetpass, Spotpass and a pedometer.

From @forestillusion we are able to see an early design of the Nintendo Switch, which features a full-screen display rather than the bezel display we are used to. The console also has a rounder design and no detachable Joycons which resembles the PS Vita more than the Switch we all know and love today.

These early concepts for the Nintendo Switch aren’t the only things that have leaked though, with @forestillusion also stating that the Switch private keys have also hit the internet over the last few days. This greatly compromises the Switch’s security and may result in people making their own Switch cartridges.

Sadly, this isn’t the only Nintendo leak that has occurred this year as other data has also been released throughout the year, including information on source codes, console firmware, unreleased games and unused content from existing games.

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