Razer Showed off a High-Tech Face Mask with RGB Lighting at CES 2021


Apart from developing high-tech gaming systems and accessories, Razer often makes some unusual products. We have seen the company come up with chewing gums for gamers and a credit card that lights up. Now, the Irvine-based company has unveiled a new reusable N95 concept mask called Project Hazel.

A Face Mask with RGB Lights and Voice Projection

The mask comes with a glossy exterior and is made of waterproof and scratch-resistant plastic. It is also transparent, allowing lip reading and understanding expressions while talking to people.

The most appealing feature lies in the two circular ventilators which will lie on either side of your mouth. Razer says that Project Hazel will use active disk type ventilators, which will filter the air breathed in and also the CO2 that’s exhaled. The company also mentioned that it will be certified to filter 95% percent of airborne particle that includes the infamous COVID-19 virus, well DUH!

The second interesting feature is obviously Voice Projection. The mask will have microphones and an amplifier embedded in the ventilator which means you don’t have to worry about repeating yourself. Razer told Tech Live News that they are still working on the patent-pending tech with a team of THX sound engineers to determine how loud the speakers should be.

And if you are still wondering, yes it obviously supports Chroma RGB LEDs. Each respirator rings can glow in whatever color you choose. There is also a set of LEDs that automatically activate during night time to illuminate your mouth so that others can see you talking.

Razer is also planning to include a large charging case that also sterilizes the mask with UV light when not in use. The company says this will be the smartest mask in the world. Well, if it launches with all of the above features well-executed, it would be tough to argue with that claim.


As of now, Project Hazel is yet to earn all the necessary approvals and certification from the FDA, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration. And, if this ever comes out I am pretty sure that this alone can replace all 10,001 masks lying on your console table.

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