FAU-G Surpasses Four Million Pre-Registrations Ahead of January 26 Launch


FAU-G took over a month and a half to reach the four million pre-registrations count after its debut on Google Play.

G, the made-in-India action game for mobile devices, has crossed the four-million pre-registration mark on Google Play ahead of its official release, developer nCore Games has revealed. The game went for pre-registrations in late November — after a series of delays and changing in its launch date schedule that was ultimately set for January 26. Pre-registrations for FAU-G (also called The Fearless and United Guards) are initially limited to high-end and mid-range Android devices, though nCore Games does have plans to expand its availability to low-end devices in the future. FAU-G is also expected to make its way to iPhone and iPad users at the time of its formal launch next week.

Vishal Gondal, co-founder and chairman of nCore Games, has told IGN India that FAU-G has garnered over four million pre-registrations. “This is with not allowing some of the low-end devices to register,” he said.

FAU-G surpassed a million pre-registrations in the first 24 hours of its debut on Google Play store. However, it took over a month and a half to cross the four million mark.

“I will say that we will cross five million at least,” said Gondal. “But at five million, I don’t think so any other game, at least in India has got that kind of pre-registrations.”

Announced a couple of days after the PUBG Mobile ban in India in September, FAU-G is designed as an online multiplayer game set in Galway Valley. The game is arriving for Android devices as well as the iPhone and iPad models on January 26. However, the pre-registrations are limited to Google Play as FAU-G is yet to debut on the App Store.

FAU-G won’t come with a Battle Royale mode initially, though it is expected to arrive in a later version. Support for low-end devices is also reportedly in the works and could come soon to help the developer garner massive downloads in the near future.

Co-founder and COO of nCore Games, Ganesh Hande, has revealed IGN India that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has been a part of FAU-G the development and has suggested the presence of a dog in the game. The game will, however, not come with an animal character at launch.

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