Don’t Starve Together Roadmap 2021 Has Big Plans for Players

Content Updates, A New DLC Character, and More!

The Don’t Starve Together Roadmap 2021 has been revealed, detailing Klei’s plans for its co-op survival game for the year. These include a new DLC character, quality-of-life improvements, and more!

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve, a survival game that plops you down in an odd, Tim Burton-esque universe packed with strange and deadly creatures. The game has been out for a few years now, but Klei is still cranking out new content — and it’s just revealed what players can expect to see in 2021.

Don’t Starve Together Roadmap 2021 Details Content Updates, Quality-of-Life Improvements

The Don’t Starve Together Roadmap 2021 should give you a good idea of what to expect for this year. Klei believes that it can provide “a much clearer schedule than we probably have ever had,” although it cautions that any and all of these plans are subject to change.

Here’s the rough outline of the Don’t Starve Together Roadmap for this year according to today’s announcement:

    Year of the Beefalo
    Three Character Refreshes
    Three Content Updates
    One new DLC character
    One new summer event (Summer Solstice, like Winter’s Feast)
    Two QOL updates
    Holiday events

One of the upcoming focuses will be a quality-of-life patch that’s expected to arrive sometime in March 2021. This update is expected to include changes to the game’s main menu and new world generation options. It also aims to make it easier for new players to get into the game. It should be noted, however, that many of these quality-of-life features are still experimental, so we can’t say for sure how they’ll ultimately turn out.

This Roadmap also notes that there will be other content updates, character refreshes, and more. More specific details about each of these updates will be arriving in the future as we get closer to their respective release dates.

Also Arriving: Don’t Starve Together Year of the Beefalo Event

Unlike some other games, the Don’t Starve Together 2021 Roadmap won’t keep you waiting — the very first event is live right now! The Don’t Starve Together Year of the Beefalo Event brings some new activities and a bunch of other cool rewards for players to unlock.

The Year of the Beefalo Event is (unsurprisingly) all about Beefalos. You’ll kick off the event by placing Beefalo Wool and a Beefalo Shrine. From there, you can craft a Beefalo Bell to get one of the furry creatures to follow you — you can even give it a name! You can then enter your Beefalo into a pageant and win gold nuggets and pattern scraps for unlocking new Beefalo costumes.

With this new roadmap and the recent injection of funding from Tencent, it looks like 2021 is going to be a good year for this game! If you haven’t yet played it for yourself, you can buy Don’t Starve Together on Steam for just $5.09, a 66% discount that lasts until February 11, 2021. You can also buy the game on other platforms at its full price of $14.99 via its official website.

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