Magic The Gathering Announced Secret Lair Smitten Quint-Drop For Valentine’s Day


Magic The Gathering is keeping the love flowing this February with a brand new super drop announced to celebrate the season of love. Secret Lair Smitten is a series of 5 Secret Lair drops themed around love, death, and Kaldheim. So pretty standard Wednesday night for a Magic player then.

Secret Lair Smitten

The latest drop from Magic the Gathering’s Secret Lair series is Secret Lair Smitten, a series of 5 brand-new drops with some insanely awesome cards in it. The first drop features 4 faeries that are almost certainly going to get you banned from your local kitchen-counter magic circuit, but hell if they won’t do it in style. They feature an amazing rainbow finish too.

The next drop strays away from love a bit, with The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands, which features a very fancy set of basic lands themed like your local death metal band’s merchandise. Next up is the Valentines Day 2021 drop, which brings things back to the theme of love once again. 6 cards, ranging from powerful creatures and spells to a straight-up token, have been given a love-themed makeover, and yes that includes cute characters and a loooot of pink.

The Final Two Drops Are Special

The last two Secret Lair Smitten drops in the list go together. Showcase: Kaldheim Part 1 + 2 will feature 3 cards each that show off some of the cool new special art and cards from the most recent magic set. The only major issue here is the fact that one of the more powerful features cards Uro, Nature’s Wrath is about to be banned in almost every single format, but at least I guess it looks pretty cool so that’s something.

Either way, if you’re interested in any of these drops you can hit up between the 12th and the 22nd of February to pre-order them. You can even get a bundle that packages all 5 drops together at once.

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