Animal Crossing Players are Getting Creative with New Mario Content

Subway lines, archways, and more.

The version 1.8.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released on February 25, added a variety of furniture and clothing themed around Mario and his 35th anniversary (which was officially September 13, 1985 with the release of Super Mario Bros. for the NES) that unlocked yesterday. It’s only been a little bit, but creative players are finding a variety of uses for these items.

Like many other clothing items in the game, the Mario clothes can be worn by your fellow animal villagers, with amazing results as /Prodoge75 demonstrates. Meanwhile, old-school Nintendo fan u/VowelsOnly decided to mix and match a few pieces to recreate a moment from Super Mario Adventures, a comic that ran in the SNES-era of Nintendo Power.

Meanwhile, other players are experimenting with some of the new furniture. One of these items, a block that floats in the air, is very useful for making archways as u/billylubach demonstrates. While thin archways were available as furniture already, those ones couldn’t be walked under.

Another user known as u/mschll3179 has found out how to make tunnels on your island with these floating blocks. This build makes use of two telephone booths at the entryway and some raised landscaping that functions as the walls of the tunnel. As an extra bonus, the tunnel helps accentuate how the world in Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t flat, but more like a cylinder.

One of the more notable pieces of furniture from the Mario update is the Warp Pipe. By placing at least two of these on an island, players can travel between them at will, giving players a form of fast travel. But if you want a form of fast travel that feels closer to real life, you can do what u/Chikachuuu did and design the system so it looks like you’re taking the subway.

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