Among Us Player Count Jumps 500% with Airship Map Release

Taking to the Skies

The Among Us player count has soared by more than 500% on Steam alone following the release of the new Airship map, and that’s not all — the game’s viewership on Twitch has also had similarly strong growth.

Earlier this week, the Among Us Airship map was finally released alongside an update on Innersloth’s future plans for the game. This new content builds on the recently-released accounts system as some of the many things the developer has planned for 2021. Unsurprisingly, the launch was a smashing success.

“CREWMATES. You [really] showed up for the Airship drop!!” read a tweet from Innersloth’s official account. “Here’s a live player count chart from yesterday – guess when the map dropped? ?? On Steam alone we went from ~20k players to 130k players in under 2 hours! Thank you for the support you continually give us. Endlessly grateful.”

The above chart is from Innersloth’s internal data gathering. Unfortunately, it did not share context on what each of the three lines represents; that said, the growth in the Among Us player count is crystal clear.

The jump in Among Us player count was also independently reported on the game’s Steam Charts page. Just as Innersloth said, it had around 20,000 players just a few hours ago and has since spiked to a high of around 130,000.

Twitch Viewership Rises Alongside Among Us Player Count

The Among Us player count growth is certainly impressive and that’s not the only place it’s made some big gains — it’s also had quite the boost in Twitch viewership.

As the Among Us Twitch Tracker page shows, the game had an average high of around 545 channels and 47,000 viewers yesterday. Today, it had a sixfold increase in the number of channels playing the game and over 670,000 viewers — that’s an increase of 1,425% in Twitch viewership alone. Most impressively, we probably haven’t yet reached peak viewing hours in Twitch just yet, either.

Innersloth has finally fed hungry Among Us players some new content and they’ve happily showed up in droves to enjoy it. You can get in on the action yourself by buying Among Us via its official website for $4.99 or your regional equivalent; do note, however, that you can get it for 20% off this weekend on select platforms!

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