Apple’s Brand New iMac Also Comes With A Touch ID Enabled Keyboard


With Apple’s MacBook laptops, the company has actually built-in Touch ID into the power button. This allows users to not only turn their laptops on, but also authenticates them easily without having to deal with passwords. Some have wondered if Apple could extend this to their desktop computers, and sure enough they have.

Alongside the announcement of the new 24-inch iMac, Apple has also announced new color-matching accessories like new keyboards and mice. While this is par for the course, what’s interesting is that the new keyboard actually comes with Touch ID. For the most part, the keyboard’s refresh seems to be mostly on the surface, but the addition of Touch ID is much-welcome and also interesting.

According to Apple, the new keyboard’s Touch ID sensor will work with Fast User Switching, meaning that more than one user account will be able to use the keyboard. Also, the addition of Touch ID does make it a bit complicated for users who might prefer to use a different keyboard with their iMacs, as they would essentially have to lose out on what is arguably a pretty convenient feature to have.

Unfortunately, Apple does not have plans to sell the new keyboard separately for now. This means that the only way to get this keyboard would be to buy the new iMac. However, we expect that Apple should eventually make them for sale separately, but when exactly that will happen remains to be seen.

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