The Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting Customizable Companions Next Month


The Elder Scrolls Online is about to be a much less lonely experience for solo players. Next month’s Blackwood Chapter update will also bring with it a brand new Companions System, allowing you to recruit and customize two potential NPC allies.

How will the Companions System work in The Elder Scrolls Online?

This news comes via the official PlayStation blog. In the announcement post, ZeniMax content manager Dominic Davies details the new Companions System. The new Companions are designed to occupy player roles like tanking, healing, or dealing damage. They won’t be as skilled or powerful as players, but they’re intended to help lone wolves on quests and other content they don’t want to tackle solo. Two companions will be available at launch: Bastian Hallix and Mirri Elendis. Both will have unique personalities and characteristics.

Bastian is a socially awkward battlemage with a strong sense of duty, while Mirri is a quick-witted Daedra expert with a penchant for wandering headfirst into danger. The more you journey with them, the more you’ll learn about them, and they’ll level up alongside you as well. As you might expect from RPG companions, certain actions will paint you in a positive or negative light with your companions, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t upset them. You’ll also be able to choose what abilities they use in battle, what gear they’re wearing, and even their personal style.

The new Companions System arrives in The Elder Scrolls Online alongside the upcoming Blackwood Chapter update on June 8th. That update lands concurrently with the Console Enhanced upgrade, which will bring better graphical fidelity and performance to the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. If you’re an existing Elder Scrolls Online player, you’ll get access to this upgrade for free. Stay tuned for more info on this game as soon as we get it.

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