iPhone 13 Models Could Be Slightly Thicker in Size Over iPhone 12 Series


iPhone 13 models will have a slightly thicker design over the iPhone 12 series and more prominent camera bumps, according to a report. A hands-on video showing a purported iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy last week also suggested similar changes on the 2021 iPhone models. The thicker design could just be in place due to newer internals, especially some upgraded optics. However, by increasing the thickness of the iPhone 13 series, Apple could exclude iPhone 12 users from using their existing cases and covers with the new models.

MacRumors reported citing schematics that iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will have a 7.57mm of thickness. This shows an increase of 0.17mm from the 7.4mm thick iPhone 12 70,900 and iPhone 12 Pro. However, the thickness won’t be noticeable to a large number of users.

On the part of camera bumps, the schematics suggest that there could be some significant changes. The report says that while iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro ? 115,900 have camera bumps in the range of 1.5mm to 1.7mm, iPhone 13 will carry a thicker 2.51mm camera bump. This would be further protruding in case of the iPhone 13 Pro that is expected to have a 3.65mm of camera bump at the back.

The case could be similar with iPhone 13 Pro Max that is also speculated to have a thicker camera bump over the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

MacRumors reported that alongside thicker bumps, Apple is changing the overall size of the camera module on the iPhone 13 models. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have camera modules of 28mm by 30mm size. In contrast, iPhone 13 will have a roughly square-shaped module with around 29x29mm measurement. iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, is expected to have an even bigger camera module that could measure around 36x37mm. This could be in line with the camera module available on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The change in the camera bump and module sizes could be a result of newer lenses on the iPhone 13 models. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are rumoured to have sensor-shift stabilisation for both the wide and ultra-wide lenses. iPhone 13 Pro is also speculated to have an upgraded telephoto lens that could be the same featured on iPhone 12 Pro Max last year.

Apple may change the placement of physical buttons due to increasing the sizes of the camera modules on its new iPhone models. The side button is said to be moved slightly lower, while the mute button and volume buttons could be shifted a little downward to retain the ergonomics.

That said, the iPhone 13 models are not likely to come with any major design-level changes when comparing with the iPhone 12 series. This means that you would see the same flat-edge frame that was featured on last year’s iPhone models. There could, however, be a smaller notch.

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