Dyson Sphere Program Update Adds Civilization Type III Systems


In the newest Dyson Sphere Program update, patch, Civilization Type III Systems have been added to the game in-game, crude oil has become a consuming resource, and Cluster Seeds are different from the old version. Another cool addition has the engineer’s universe with the largest power generation will be shown in the Milky Way. Check it out below:

There’s also a new mass construction function, so if you left-click and drag your mouse you can build “the construction in a row”, which sounds promising but I also don’t really understand what this is supposed to mean. I’ll just keep writing and we’ll all pretend we understand this fine piece of English, shall we?

Planets have been added to the game, which includes three desert planets (Dry Lack Planet, Scarlet Ice Lake Planet, and Hurrican Stone Forest Planet), and a new ocean planet called the Blossom Forest Planet.

Interesting changes include Dyson Sphere Program’s underlying code framework being updated, which means in English that it’s now more efficient for CPU calculating. DSP’s construction system logistic framework has also been recoded, and the copy and paste building settings logic has improved meaning better recipes, filters, and mode settings.

Bug Fixes aren’t numerous in mentions–there are only three talked about in this patch. This includes fixing the Warper not returning after the Logistics Station was dismantled, the Graviton lens not returning after the Ray Receiver was dismantled, and modifying the “miplevel algorithm of the foundation and fixed some potential seam problems in the foundation rendering”, whatever that means.

If you are playing Dyson Sphere Program and want to send some feedback, be sure to check out the official Discord or the Dyson Sphere Program Bug Report page.

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