Black Desert Online Roadmap for 2021 Announced, Including New Class


At the 2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball, the 2021 Roadmap for Black Desert Online was announced, and it includes a new class, the Corsair, a co-op dungeon, and more. The Heidel Ball itself was fairly big, with over 500k players and 850k viewers on Twitch and YouTube, which goes to show that it’s still a pretty popular game. That shouldn’t be too surprising, but as a MMO gamer I hear almost nothing about BDO nowadays, so to hear that nearly a million have watched the Ball is both surprising and interesting.

What’s Included in Black Desert Online’s 2021 Roadmap?

The most interesting addition for any MMO is new classes, and the Corsair looks very interesting. A seafaring swordswoman, the Corsair “uses her oceanic power to crush her enemies. Her combat style takes inspiration from the waves of the sea – unpredictable, powerful, and cool.” Because she’s both a pirate and a commander of the sea, she can both swim faster and stay underwater longer than any other class, which should prove habitually useful. You’ll be able to pre-create a Corsair on June 23, and the class will be globally released on PC, console, and mobile on June 29. A cinematic trailer was released that you can watch on youtube.

What else is coming in the Black Desert Online roadmap for 2021?

Atoraxxion is the game’s first co-op dungeon, and it’s coming to PC and console. The dungeon will be divided into four parts, with the first, Vahmalkea, being released on July 21. The second, Sycrakea, will be released on the Global Lab test server on July 29 with the two remaining parts, Yolunakea and Orzekea, releasing later this year.

The dungeon will apparently provide “epic monster battles, thought-provoking puzzles, and an in-depth exploration of the lore and story of Black Desert’s world.” It will also apparently be a classic RPG experience, which should provoke some hype.

In terms of goodies, there’s a premium limited edition Dark Knight Statue that will be available eventually. It’s being produced in cooperation with Blitzway, and if you want to know more you can check out the teaser.

As for what else is coming to BDO, players will be able to move into their new mansions and decorate them on July 15. A new extreme monster zone, Terror of the Deep Sea, releases on August 26. It’s a new single-player mode that will give players a new type of challenging by limiting their field of view.

A new mini-game, Yarr, is also coming on August 12. It’s based on the rules of poker and the dice game Yacht.

On September 2, players will be able to ride a horse across water with the Sea Sprint Skill and the Mythical Diné mount.

On October 14, the Elvia Realm Calpheon and Black Star Raid releases on October 14. There will be some classic characters being reworked and receiving special abilities that will be unique to them.

Later in October, there will be 2 Red Battlefield maps released and “Storytelling and tutorials will be improved”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

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