NEO: The World Ends with You Leaks Online via Square Enix Store


Square Enix’s North American store may have inadvertently provided early access to the much-hyped NEO: The World Ends with You. Nearly fifteen years after the first game’s release, The World Ends with You captivated many with its story, soundtrack, and art direction, and now Neo: The World Ends with You leaked online by Square Enix themself.

According to some Twitter users and a ResetEra thread, some people who ordered a physical copy woke up to a little something extra this morning. A downloadable code for the full game appeared for some of them, allowing downloads well ahead of the planned release date later this month. According to original poster Mickagau, some could even launch the game and begin playing. It seems that only codes generated for the Nintendo Switch leaked the full game download to the eager players. PlayStation 4 players, on the other hand, will need to wait until the actual release date to play the full game.

At time of writing, Square Enix’s Twitter account had yet to make an official statement regarding the alleged leaks. It is currently unclear if the leaks were caused by an error related to early review copies, pre-order bonuses, pre-loading gone wrong, or something else.

Set in the same universe as the 2007 Nintendo DS cult classic The World Ends with You, NEO features a new cast in a comfortably-familiar landscape. Set in the flashy, fashionable Shibuya district, the original The World Ends with You was known for its innovative battle mechanics, distinctive character designs, and catchy soundtrack. Using both screens for combat and several different allies, Neku and his Partner battled the Noise of Shibuya and uncovered an insidious plot involving a mysterious game. Rather than the moody, provocative, and sardonic Neku Sakuraba, you’ll instead control Rindo, the leader of the Wicked Twisters team.

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