Godfall Releases on PS4 Along With New Expansion – Fire and Darkness


The PS4 version of Godfall is here. Those interested in the looter slasher can finally check out the game on a platform more readily available, and get in just in time to enjoy brand new content.

In an official press release, publisher Gearbox Software went into further detail. The Godfall PS4 version will come in both a Deluxe and Ascended Edition. The Deluxe Edition will cost $59.99 and the Ascended Edition will cost $69.99. Both versions will include the entire base game, complete cross-play with PS4 and PS5 players, and will include all of the game’s current updates. In addition, they will include an upgrade path for if and when players start playing on PS5. The Ascended Edition will include three gold variant cosmetics, five weapon cosmetics, a co-op banner, a gold shield variant, a custom nameplate, and an orange Vertigo variant.

Godfall on PS4 Includes Fire and Darkness and Endgame Content

Both versions of the game will also include a brand new expansion for the game called Fire and Darkness. Any player who has purchased the Deluxe or Ascended Edition of Godfall PS4, PS5, or PC will also have access to this expansion. It will include a brand new story campaign, a new location to explore, and five new bosses and ten new enemy types to face. Furthermore, it will include twenty brand new Valorplate skins to help your armored warrior stand out.

But the biggest addition comes with new endgame content courtesy of the Lightbringer update. These are three-player PvE challenges, complete with online matchmaking, and will push Godfall players to their limits. But the rewards include over 40 different weapons and armor, as well as brand new Cursed items. If you can put in the time to lift the terrible curse, the reward will be great.

Both the Lightbringer update and the Fire and Darkness expansion for Godfall PS4 and PS5 are available right now. If you do not own the Deluxe or Ascended Edition of the game, you can purchase the expansion separately for $19.99.

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