Verizon Getting Into PlayStation 5 Sales


An Odd Spot to Buy a PlayStation 5

It has been revealed that there is a new place where you might be able to buy Sony’s hotly sought-after PlayStation 5, although it isn’t a spot you would traditionally have looked to for a console. Mobile giant Verizon is getting into the business and will be selling PlayStation 5s, both the Disc and Digital variety. This is a new initiative from the company, with listings appearing on their site when previously there weren’t any.

When Can I Buy a PlayStation 5 From Verizon?

The PlayStation 5 from Verizon isn’t available to purchase yet, with it being listed as out of stock. However, speaking with a customer service agent, they told me that the PS5 will be available to purchase from Verizon this year, although they didn’t have a date available to answer.

With Verizon getting into the console business for sales, it begged the question if they were going to sell other consoles. Information here is inconclusive, with the support worker saying they don’t have all the information yet. However, Verizon’s site shows a region for ‘consoles’ which would seem to imply that the company is at least open to the concept, as they aren’t making it just a PlayStation section of their store.

If you are interested in picking up a PlayStation 5 from Verizon, you can visit their site here for the disc version, or here for the digital version. They are priced the same as the MSRP, which is to say $499 for the former, and $399 for the latter. Unlike a lot of stores, there is no forced bundling or other awkwardness here as of right now, which if kept would leave it to you to pick unlike those which are selling the console along with an extra controller and games. Unlike some other PlayStation 5 retailers, there’s no mention of needing to be a Verizon subscriber.

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