You Can Now Adjust Video Playback Speed on Twitter: Here’s How


Twitter is introducing a way to adjust the playback speed of videos on the platform. The social media platform has announced that the company is testing new video playback speed options on the Twitter app for Android as well as for Web. Some users, who are part of the test, can reportedly see a small gear to change the speed while watching videos. They are being given the option to either slow down a video or speed it up. The feature is slowly rolling out and should be available for everyone in the near future.

The video playback speed option on Twitter is in the test mode and is only available to a few users as of now. The users who can access the playback speed options will see a small gear to change the speed of the video. The video content can be slowed down 0.25x or can be sped up to 2x. This feature will give users more flexibility in consuming video content. The feature is yet to roll out for the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad devices.

Twitter is reportedly also working on a new Twitter Articles feature that could allow users to post tweets with longer text. According to details shared by reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong, on Twitter, the company may allow users to write posts beyond the existing 280-character limit on the platform. Currently, users can tweet longer text pieces using threads, but the new feature could allow for uninterrupted text in a single tweet. Twitter is yet to make an official announcement regarding Twitter Articles.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it is expanding the experimental option to let users downvote replies within tweets to a global audience. The feature was initially tested with some iOS users last year. Twitter said that the option to downvote replies is to help understand the types of replies users find relevant in a conversation. Downvotes are, however, not visible to the public. This is unlike platforms including Reddit where both upvotes and downvotes are visible for public viewing to understand whether the masses have liked or disliked a particular comment.

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