First Back 4 Blood Expansion Emerges This April


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Turtle Rock Studios has announced the release date for the first major Back 4 Blood expansion. Tunnels of Terror brings new content including new enemy types, more dungeons, and extra characters. The multiplayer FPS is also celebrating passing the 10 million player mark.

What do we know about the first Back 4 Blood expansion?

We got our first glimpse of Tunnels of Terror back when the Back 4 Blood roadmap was revealed in November last year. Now, however, we’re getting the full lowdown on everything that’s in the expansion. You can expect seven new dungeons called the Ridden Hives, in which you’ll face off against the new Warped Ridden enemy types. These include the landmine-using Urchins, the hulking Shredders, and the ferocious Rippers. You’ll also be able to play these new enemy types in the Swarm PvP multiplayer mode.

As well as these new enemies and locations, you’re also getting two new Cleaners: Sharice and Heng. Sharice wields an axe and Heng is a restaurateur-turned-survivalist. Tunnels of Terror also brings new weapons, character and weapon skins, cards, and more. Lest you think the free updates adding new features to the game are gone, though, think again. Tunnels of Terror arrives alongside a free update that brings a new difficulty setting by the name of No Hope, which, as the name implies, is an extremely easy setting that’s perfect for new players. Not really, obviously; it’s a brutally difficult challenge that you should only attempt if you’ve already mastered everything else Back 4 Blood has to offer.

Alongside news of the expansion, Turtle Rock also revealed that Back 4 Blood has crossed the 10 million player threshold, which is pretty darn impressive. Based on NPD Group tracking, Back 4 Blood was the best-selling new console IP in 2021, which puts it above games like Arkane Studios’ Deathloop and Josef Fares’ cult success It Takes Two. Those numbers might be slightly inflated by Back 4 Blood’s day-one Xbox Game Pass launch, and the 10 million figure doesn’t point to the current number of active players, but still, Back 4 Blood hitting the 10 million mark is cause for celebration on Turtle Rock and Warner’s part.

When is the first Back 4 Blood expansion release date?

You’ll be able to take on Tunnels of Terror when it launches across all platforms on April 12th. If you bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of Back 4 Blood, or if you picked up the Annual Pass, you should already have access to Tunnels of Terror. Otherwise, you can grab it as a standalone purchase (although you will need to have the game to play it, naturally). The free No Hope update is also arriving on April 12th, so be sure to head back into Back 4 Blood to take a look at this new content.

Back 4 Blood is a first-person shooter created by Turtle Rock Studios. It’s a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, on which Turtle Rock also worked alongside Valve, and features a similar setup; you control one of several survivors making their way through a series of zombie-infested levels. Unlike Left 4 Dead, however, Back 4 Blood features extra modifiers like customizable card loadouts and cosmetics. Turtle Rock’s future is looking pretty intriguing, too; Back 4 Blood was enough of a draw for Chinese gaming giant Tencent to acquire the developer back in December last year. You can pick up Back 4 Blood on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox platforms right now.

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