Temtem Content Update 1 Will Debut Trade Houses, Dojo Wars


3 Major Features Highlighted for Next Big Update

Crema has revealed new details about Temtem Content Update 1, highlighting the Trade House, Dojo Wars, and mounts as major features for the game’s next major update.

Temtem has been out in Steam Early Access for over a year and Crema has been working hard at developing new features for its creature collecting MMORPG. Thus far, post-launch additions have included ranked matchmaking, fishing, and player housing. Now, the next batch of new features has been revealed — here’s your first look at the next Temtem update!

What’s Coming in Temtem Content Update 1?

Three major features have been revealed for Temtem Content Update 1 (via Reddit): the Trade House, Dojo Wars, and mounts. Let’s start with the Trade House. Simply put, this is an auction house — you won’t have to directly interact with other players to trade once these go live. All Trade Houses are tied into the same system, so you can head to the nearest one to access the entire trade network.

A somewhat more interesting addition is Dojo Wars. Each of the archipelago’s six islands will have a Club Dojo that a Club can conquer and hold. Battles for these Club Dojos will take place at specific times during the week. You’ll need at least 11 players on your team to participate in these battles. Should your Club win, you’ll take over the Dojo and will be able to decorate it however you like; you’ll also get Pansuns during the time your Club holds the dojo.

The final major addition highlighted in today’s first look is mounts. Mounts have some nice bonuses compared to other transportation options in the game — aside from allowing you to move faster, they’ll also prevent any untamed Temtem encounters.

Mind, this first look just covers some of the bigger features coming in Temtem Content Update 1; the update will also include other new features, quality-of-life fixes, new Gears, and the usual mix of balancing and bug fixes. A release date for the update has not yet been announced. For now, you can buy Temtem for PC and PS5 starting at $41.99 or your regional equivalent.

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