First-Person Factory Builder Techtonica Revealed by Fire Hose Games


Building Below

Catlateral Damage and 20XX developer Fire Hose Games has revealed its next game: Techtonica, a first-person factory builder where you’ll explore the underground of an alien planet.

Factory-building games are a subgenre unto themselves. The more popular titles in the genre are Factorio (which recently revealed more details about its upcoming expansion) and Satisfactory (which began testing dedicated servers late last year) and are plenty popular in their own right.

However, there are a fair amount of indies in the mix such as Hydroneer. And some games — such as the recently-released Core Keeper — have factory-building elements built in, too. Now, a new indie game is entering the fray — get ready for Techtonica.

As highlighted on Reddit, Techtonica is a game set in the caverns of a mysterious alien planet. Surrounded by bioluminescent flora, you’ll have to mine materials and explore the caverns to uncover the mysteries of this strange world.

Although you’re start off with hand tools, you’ll be able to work your way up to automation and gradually build factories that sprawl throughout the caverns. It looks like you won’t be restricted by the shape of the world, either — you’ll be able to destroy terrain and even uncover hidden caves.

If you’re hoping for endless new things to discover, though, you might be disappointed — one of the developers says that the game world will be handcrafted. That said, you won’t have to dive into the underground alone; you’ll be able to play this upcoming game in four-player co-op.

When is the Techtonica Release Date?

The Techtonica release date has not yet been announced. SteamDB lists the Store API release date as August 26, 2022, but nothing is certain until the devs confirm the launch date. If they stick with this date, though, we could be playing this upcoming factory-building game before the end of Summer 2022.

This new title from Fire Hose Games looks like a pretty cool experience that I’m excited to try out firsthand. For now, you can add Techtonica to your wishlist on Steam and you can learn more about the game on its official website.

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