Shazam 2 Footage Invokes Family Spirit With Fast and Furious Reference


It was all about DC during Day 2 of CinemaCon 2022, as Warner Bros. laid out the gauntlet at the event earlier today.

The studio revealed some exciting news including the announcement surrounding the sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Moreover, fans even got to witness some footage from The Flash, which featured Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

However, The Flash wasn’t the only upcoming DC movie to showcase some footage, as Zachary Levi showed up to the event to unveil some scenes from Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

The sequel to DC’s 2018 Action-Fantasy adventure will see the return of David F. Sandberg, who will be directing the movie. Moreover, Zachary Levi will reprise his role as Billy Batson aka Shazam, with the addition of Rachel Zegler in the cast as well.

The preview for the movie starts off with Shazam having a romantic date with Wonder Woman in Paris. Just like Superman’s cameo at the end of Shazam!, the clip doesn’t feature the actual actress, as the role is not being played by Gal Gadot.

The conversation between the two soon turns sour, as Billy reveals that he can’t commit to Wonder Woman, with the latter soon storming off. However, as she leaves, the character turns back, only to reveal herself to be Djimon Hounsou’s Wizard Shazam in his dream, who sends out warning bells about the arrival of the daughters of Atlas.

Following the warning call, Helen Mirren shows up with a dragon as Hespera, who is one of Atlas’ three daughters, alongside Lucy Liu’s Kalypso and Rachel Zegler’s unnamed character. Upon seeing each other for the first time, Levi’s Shazam reveals himself to be a Fast and Furious afficionado, as he calls for his Shazam family, who soon show up in their superhero attire.

The small footage is everything that fans expected to see in the sequel, as it includes more of the tongue-in-cheek humor that was present in the original, and with the movie set to release later this year, fans are hoping to see more of the same with Levi and crew.

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