Dino Park Sim Parkasaurus Out Now on Nintendo Switch


The cutesy dinosaur park simulator Parkasaurus is now available on Nintendo Switch — and a new Parksaurus Sea Monsters DLC is coming out this Spring.

Parkasaurus is an indie dinosaur park management game that first came out back in 2018. The game later left Early Access in 2020 and it turned out to be a pretty good dino park game, albeit with some shortcomings. Now, this PC exclusive has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch.

Parkasaurus Nintendo Switch Release Puts Cute Dinos in Your Hands

The Parkasaurus Nintendo Switch version is now available for purchase according to a tweet from developer Washbear — you can check out the above trailer to see how the game runs on the Switch.

Of course, there have been some changes made explicitly for the Switch considering the fact that you’re using two Joy-Cons rather than a mouse and keyboard. On the upside, the game benefits from two years of Early Access development and almost two additional years of post-launch updates.

This is far from the end of development, too, because the Parkasaurus Nintendo Switch release wasn’t the only recent announcement from Washbear — a brand-new DLC is coming soon.

Also Announced: Parkasaurus Sea Monsters DLC

The Parkasaurus Sea Monsters DLC aims to add a bunch of new dinosaurs and new features to the game. First announced late last month, this DLC will add new biomes, water doors, and more.

Here are the new dinos that are being added in this DLC:


Furthermore, three new biomes, two new missions, and more than 20 new exhibit items and hats are being added with this DLC. (One of the fun things about Parkasaurus is the ability to put silly hats and accessories on your dinos, just for funsies.)

You can buy Parkasaurus on Nintendo Switch right now for $25.19 or your regional equivalent, a 10% discount off of its normal Switch price of $27.99. If you prefer to play on PC, you can buy Parkasaurus on Steam for $24.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also add the Parkasaurus Sea Monsters DLC to your wishlist on Steam.

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