Snapchat Introduces ‘Pixy’, An Unmanned Selfie Drone


Snapchat is a social media application that primarily focuses on the sharing of images and videos through their app. In the past the entity, changed its name to Snap Inc and released the first form of hardware that the company has to offer. This hardware was the Snap Spectacles that could record videos and upload it to the user’s snapchat account on the go.

This was the first time the company was seen putting their hands into the hardware industry. Now, they have found their way to the hardware industry again and have released a new, unique product. This time, it is an unmanned drone named Pixy. It is a pocket-sized flying camera that helps the user capture video and images from a different perspective, on the go.

Pixy by Snap

Pixy is a device that has been reasonably priced at $229.99 and provides the user with 4 preset flight paths that include; float, reveal, follow and orbit. Users can use these flight paths to capture themselves from a different perspectives. It is a device that can be used easily, even if the user has no prior knowledge in the drones industry.

Pixy will take flight from the user’s hand and also land at the same place every time. The device also has a favourite button, where the user can customise the distance of any of the 4 presets. Pixy seamlessly integrates with the Snapchat application and wirelessly exports the captured footage, which can then be used to upload on any platform.

It also provides a variety of editing tools such as AR lenses, Auto Crop features, adding music to the footage, and more. Pixy tracks a single person, the person will have to keep the device in the palm of their hand and look at it to release it in the air, it will track just that person, capture footage according to the set path and then return to the user’s hand. The drone consists of 2 cameras, one to capture footage in 2.7k and the other to mark its flight path and location for landing.

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