Rotwood Announced as Headliner at Klei Fest


Klei Fest Rotwood And Game Update Announcements!

There’s been a huge rise in the popularity of indie games with Klei Entertainment being a veteran among them. With titles like Shank and Mark Of The Ninja under their belt, they’ve been able to grow and expand to the point where they’re able to help other indie games get out there. With Klei Fest in full swing, Klei Entertainment has announced its creation of Klei Publishing alongside all of its game news. Their newest title Rotwood is drawing a lot of attention while their other popular properties including Don’t Starve Together and Oxygen Not Included will be getting some major updates. Klei games are available across multiple platforms, but all can be found on Steam.

Rotwood, Lab Rat, And Mind Over Magic

Klei Entertainment is known for making very animated and cartoon-like games for solo players and groups of friends. The latest to join their library is the enigmatic Rotwood which has only given away its title. More about the game will be revealed on June 12th when players can expect an official teaser trailer.

Another announced game is Lab Rat from the developers at Kine. This trailer shows a top-down 3D puzzle game in the making. You’ll play as a test subject who has to escape a series of rooms by manipulating the forces within them. Though there’s a demo available for play, the release date has yet to be announced.

Then there’s Mind Over Magic by the team at Sparkypants. This 2.5D game has a lot of color and whimsy set in a world of magic. The trailer shows a lot of different magic users performing different tasks throughout a large house while the hero wakes up in a mysterious underground beckoned forth by strange forces. Though there’s no release date, updates are expected to follow soon.

Don’t Starve Together Cawnival Update

Of all the games that bear the Klei name, Don’t Starve Together is one of the most known and popular. Players work together to survive in a nicely animated but creepy world full of monsters and other horrors. Klei Fest is bringing the Cawnival Event to the game which adds new carnival games, more prizes to win at the Prize Booth including the Golden Mystery Box, and more Crow Kids in attendance. On the technical side of things, the update addresses a number of different crashes and bugs known to occur during specific in-game events as well as some changes to visuals such as giving pond fish shadows and highlighting rocks removed from Sea Weeds on the map.

Oxygen Not Included Fast Friends Update

Following the success of the Don’t Starve series, Klei decided to make a space survival game in Oxygen Not Included. In a solo affair, players run around a 2D space making sure that everything stays in working order or face dire consequences. The latest update works to improve overall gameplay such as fixing Critter behavior, UI performance, and an overall speed boost. It also adds new traits, and a new building called the Clothing Refashionator. In terms of creatures, four new Duplicants (the first since 1.0 launch) and Critter morphs will be added in and you’ll now gain Husbandry experience while grooming Critters. For the game itself, its memory size has been significantly reduced and it can now be played on the Steam Deck along with generally running better.

Hot Lava Awesome Arcade Update

The lesser-known Klei title Hot Lava gets its own huge updates from Klei Fest. Based on the childhood game, players need to run elaborate obstacle courses where the floor is lava. This latest Awesome Arcade update adds a lot to the overall game including two new characters, several new items, and a whole new map to play.

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