Crush Your Rivals in Mafia War Underworld Lords, Now Live on Nutaku


Nutaku has launched a brand-new idle management game — it’s time to crush your rivals in Mafia War Underworld Lords, now live for Android on Nutaku.

Mafia War Underworld Lords puts you at the head of an up-and-coming crime family that frankly doesn’t have much in the way of power or assets. You control your destiny, though, and you’ll get your start by crushing some nearby rivals and slowly growing your power.

Battles take place automatically and depend on the stats of your unit (left). There’s a fair amount to explore in the city (middle), but you’ll need powerful units to do it — thankfully, you can upgrade your soldiers simply by dragging them on top of one another and combining them (right).

The city builder side of this game is pretty interesting. It features many staples of the genre in a free-to-play environment; you can place buildings to create units and generate money. What’s interesting, however, is that you can upgrade buildings by combining two of the same level simply by dragging them.

That same upgrading system extends to your units, too. After all, you can’t exactly crush your rivals without some soldiers on the street. Your units can be combined to advance them to higher levels, increasing your chances of success in battle.

The battles themselves play out in a simple auto-battle style. You can deploy some of your units to take on the enemy. A mix of a stat comparison (and a dash of luck) ultimately determines who is the winner (and who gets to take over more territory).

Of course, this is a Nutaku game — there are some steamy adult scenes you can partake in by earning points on a separate progression track and quite a few girls to choose from. These scenes are animated, too, which is a cut above the older standard of static CGs.

Play Mafia War Underworld Lords for Free on Android Right Now!

If you’re down to try out a new mafia management game, you might want to check out Mafia War Underworld Lords! Do keep in mind, as always, that it’s a free-to-play game; you can spend a few bucks if you’d like to speed up gameplay. It’s also an Android game, so that means you’ll have to manually install the APK to play it.

You can play Mafia War Underworld Lords for free on Android right now [NSFW] via Nutaku. Not your kind of jam? Why not check out Nutaku’s new adult RPG Mist Train Girls X or the sexy Match-3 game battler Like Heroes instead?

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