Summer Game Fest 2022: Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Revealed


Guile has joined the party. The Summer Game Fest kickstarted with none other than the classic title, Street Fighter 6. The players already had some information going into this event as they received the first reveal trailer during the PlayStation State of Play event at the start of June. Through the trailer the players got an idea about the game, the game modes, characters, and an intriguing open-world system.

During the Summer Game Fest 2022, the players have received an additional gameplay trailer that showcases the iconic combat style this franchise is known for. The players also learned that their beloved character, the American Hero, Guile, is here to join the Street Fighter 6 roster. The players also got to see some signature moves and takedowns by the character in this gameplay trailer.

After the first battle, the players saw Guile enter a battle with Ryu, they engage in an intense fist fight where Guile emerges victorious towards the end. The players also got a taste of the new paint themed art style that is visible when Guile and Ryu get their punches and kicks in. The signature takedown move by Guile gave the players goosebumps that saw Ryu almost flying out of the arena.

Looking at the new game modes, World Tour is the single player campaign where players can create their own character and Battle Hub is the online mode for Street Fighter 6. The Battle Hub is the open-world area that players will be able to explore, engage and communicate with players all around the world. The game will also be receiving a new feature, Real-Time Commentary, where commentaries of renowned personalities from the Fight Game Community will be incorporated in the game.

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