Last Oasis Update Bringing Major Overhaul


Survival MMO, Last Oasis, had loads of potential but seemed to fall flat in the ‘fun’ department, and even one of the developers has gone as far as to say the game “sucks” in its current state. That being said, the developers at Donkey Crew have announced a Last Oasis update bringing a major overhaul, which they are calling the LOverhaul.

What does the Last Oasis Update bring?

The Last Oasis Season Five Beta test is officially underway as of today, July 5, 2022. The changes that have been announced so far seem to be a step in the right direction for the game. One of the major changes coming is the game will focus heavily on PVE, and it looks as though the PVE aspect will be insanely difficult to master.

The developers have revealed that the degree of difficulty in PVE has been scaled up drastically, enemies will take players down ruthlessly at every turn. One of the main concepts being kept within the game is the scorching heat of the sun. The sun is the player’s worst enemy within the game, beating down harshly making water one of the most vital resources available.

It’s been said that the difficulty level in the game prior to this update was appalling. Players mentioned the game was extremely easy, leaving them wanting more. The devs have stated that not only will the update make the gameplay more difficult, but will add depth that wasn’t previously there. This is done by making the choices that players make detrimental to their success.

Players used to be able to engage in PVE and PVP without a care in the world, but those days have come to pass. Players will now need to carefully plan their attacks on monsters that dwell within the wastelands. More so, players will need to decide whether or not they are ready for the PVP aspect based on their gear and skill levels.

Now, this level of difficulty won’t be for everyone. Some players will most definitely find the game too difficult by their standards to conquer. There are plenty of gamers out there who will face the new challenges head-on, and there are some that will rage quit within mere minutes. The developers have said that this game will be very different than it once was, and won’t be for everyone; that’s okay in their eyes.

The developers seem to hit the nail on the head with what is known so far in this new update. The major complaints that players made known seem to have been fixed, but of course, that won’t be known for sure until the update has been fully released. The small BETA test will only last 48 hours starting July 5, 2022, and include the PVE mode for BETA testers to dive into. The devs will then take that data, and tester feedback on the details of the game, most importantly asking “Is the game fun?”

For those who are interested in playing Last Oasis during early access or after the update releases, it is available on PC for $14.99 and Xbox for $29.99. There is also a free trial available for those who are still unsure about the game, so it may be worth giving that a go before fully committing.

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