Sea of Thieves Season 7 Delayed For Polish


The developers at Rare have announced a Sea of Thieves season 7 delay, which means the next update will be a bit later than expected. They stated that they did so due to “a lot of hidden work to be done” and wanting to further polish the update to the game before its launch.

Sea of Thieves has become increasingly popular over time. The action-adventure game centers around the essential pirate experience, where players will take to the high seas to explore and, of course, find precious loot. The game has no set roles, so players have complete and utter freedom regarding the world itself and other pirates who may cross their path. Season 7 will bring Captaincy to the gameplay, meaning that players will now be able to become bona fide captains of their vessel. Players will now be able to name their ship and etch the name into the crest for all to see, customize the interior, and earn new progression rewards.

In their announcement of the Sea of Thieves Season 7 delay, the developers said that with such a massive update in the works, they needed more time to ensure that it was polished and up to par with their quality standards. Rare claims that a lot of work behind the scenes will take more time to enhance, as they now have quite a few new stats to track. They also went on to mention that as the launch date approached, it felt as though things “were coming in hotter” than they had anticipated or liked, and they were concerned about the quality that would be delivered in the game’s current state.

Though the devs know this may be something that could upset the players and fans of Sea of Thieves, they made sure to state,

"We understand this will be disappointing for those of you who are eagerly awaiting this update, and we appreciate your patience with this change. We know Season Six has been a looooong one, but we are super-excited about Captaincy and we hope you are too. Not too much longer to wait, we promise! We also want to make sure that with Season Seven arriving a little later than planned, you’ll have plenty of time to play through this new Season when it arrives and enjoy levelling up your Renown."

Along with the new season coming in August comes a new adventure, ‘A Hunter’s Cry.’ Though Seas of Thieves Season 7 was set to release on July 21, 2022, the Sea of Thieves Season 7 release date is now August 4, 2022, with the new adventure arriving on August 18, 2022. This gives the players plenty of new content to look forward to in the coming month.

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