Free League Announces Lord of the Rings 5e


Free League Publishing has officially announced Lord of the Rings 5e. The Swedish publishing studio has been prolific recently with its latest expansion for Vaesen available for pre-order, as well as its ongoing support of the officially licensed Alien TTRPG, But this latest announcement isn’t just about adapting Tolkien’s iconic Middle-earth to the world’s most popular TTRPG, it is adapting Free League’s own contribution to the mythos courtesy of its own ENNIE Award winning TTRPG: The One Ring.

What Is Lord of the Rings 5e?

Free League’s official press release goes into further detail about Lord of the Rings 5e. Officially titled The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying, it will adapt not just the world of JRR Tolkien’s world and characters to Wizard’s of the Coast’s malleable and widely beloved Dungeons & Dragons 5e system, but also adapt the work provided by Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi for the newest edition of The One Ring. This adaptation will include six new heroic cultures from the land of Eriador, six new player classes, as well as new rules for travel, assembling councils, discovering magical artifacts, and how the more subtle forms of magic work in the land of Middle-earth.

According to the press release, the initial release of Lord of the Rings 5e will contain the following. First is the core compendium, which will contain everything players will need to run a game. In addition, there will be an adventure module titled Shire Adventures.

When Will Lord of the Rings 5e Be Available?

Both the core compendium and Shire Adventures module for Lord of the Rings 5e will be available for pre-order this Fall. While no MSRP is provided, the books are expected to ship in early 2023. Furthermore, pre-ordering the physical books will give you immediate access to the books in PDF form once they are available.

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