Stranded: Alien Dawn Early Access Launches This October


We got our first look at Stranded: Alien Dawn during Gamescom 2022, and the visuals alone caught our attention. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to dive deep into the new world, as the game is headed into early access this October.

What is Stranded: Alien Dawn?

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a survival, strategy, and simulation game all wrapped up into one game. You will begin your journey on an alien planet, where you are in charge of a small group of civilians. It is your job to protect this group of individuals, and doing so will not be easy. Maintain their health by keeping them free of disease, keep them fed to ensure they don’t die of starvation and build structures to keep them safe from brutal weather conditions. You will need to create not only a secure base but one that is sound enough to withstand anything that may come your way. Starting with a small-scale camp, and building it into a monstrous stronghold is the goal of course. There are flesh-hungry aliens lurking around every corner, so being over-prepared is better than being unprepared for the worst.

Of course, the resources don’t just flow like wine as they do in, say, Minecraft. You will need to scavenge the unknown landscape and attempt to find whatever you can in order to build and maintain your base camp and its inhabitants. Of course, this is an alien planet, so the germs and weather conditions you will be exposed to are completely unknown. Luckily, the game comes with a detailed tutorial to help you get on your feet.

Another key concept that you will face is going to be the residents’ mental health. Being stranded on some random planet probably gets boring, and it is now your job to keep them entertained as well as happy. You can provide them with heat, light, and what the devs call “devices of relaxation” in order to keep them thriving and ready for whatever dangers are ahead. You can also conduct research and learn more about modern technologies that will also play a role in their entertainment.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is set to release into Early Access this October on Steam. There is no specified date as of yet.

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