PC Building Simulator 2 Release Date Set For October


If you’ve been waiting for a PC Building Simulator 2 release date, then you won’t have much longer to wait. The gaming PC construction sim launches for PC via Epic Games Store on October 12th, bringing a brand new career mode and improved visuals to help you assemble the gaming monster of your dreams.

The first PC Building Simulator turned out to be a pretty popular game, racking up over 100k sales within its first month. As late as October last year, the game was still receiving free updates, but developer Spiral House has now decided it’s time to release a sequel that “steps up the realism of hardware and software simulation”.
This new game adds a brand new 30-hour career mode that Spiral House describes as “challenging”. The career mode has you starting your own PC workshop, building and repairing machines to spec for customers and learning about PC assembly as you go. You’ll be able to upgrade your workshop and toolkit, and hopefully turn a profit along the way.

PC Building Simulator 2 is also bringing better visuals and “a host of new features”, as well as more than 1200 licensed parts from companies like AMD and Nvidia. If there’s a company that’s important to gaming PC assembly, it’s almost certainly represented in PC Building Simulator 2. Of course, you’ll also have the ability to add an absolute ton of RGB to your machine, as well as spray-painting it and adding stickers to make it look just the way you want.

Your workshop is also customizable, so you can change around your furniture, make your walls look different, and more. All that, plus a ludicrous amount of detail when it comes to actually building your PC (you can even optimize your machine’s cooling systems with an in-game app), means PC Building Simulator 2 is aiming to be the last word in, well, PC building simulators.

You’ll be able to grab PC Building Simulator 2 via the Epic Games Store on October 12th. This one’s being published by Epic, so unlike the first one, it likely won’t be available on Steam. It’ll set you back $24.99, but if you participated in the open beta test earlier this year, you’ll get a 15% discount until the end of 2022.

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