Some WhatsApp users in India are getting Meta’s new AI feature; here’s how to get it and use it


Meta’s new AI is not available to all WhatsApp users in India. It is being tested with a small bunch of users who have taken to social media websites like X to share their experience with the new AI chatbot. You can check if you got the feature by updating your WhatsApp on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Meta-owned WhatsApp has started a limited rollout of an integrated AI feature, providing select users with early access to Meta’s artificial intelligence technology after updating to the latest version available on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Users need to update their WhatsApp application to the latest version available in their respective app stores.

For both Android and iOS users, go to Google Play Store and App Store respectively, and search for WhatsApp. When you click on the app, you should get an option to update the application. This doesn’t mean users who update the app on their respective app stores will get this new AI chatbot feature. However, it may get released to more users via a stable update soon.

How to Access the New AI Feature:

Feature Availability: The new AI functionality is being introduced in stages to users who have set their app language to English in certain undisclosed countries. However, users in India have widely reported getting the new feature.

Different Access Points: Depending on their location, users might see the AI feature integrated into the search bar or prominently placed at the top of the app bar. For instance, in India, the feature is accessible via the top app bar, allowing users to engage directly with the Meta AI chatbot.

Feedback and Optimization: This phased rollout is designed to gather user feedback on how the AI feature is accessed and interacted with, which will help WhatsApp refine the integration. Business Today has reached out to WhatsApp for official confirmation of the new feature update.

Meta AI Chatbot on WhatsApp: Privacy

Search Privacy: According to a report by WABetaInfo, the platform that tracks the latest WhatsApp updates, the privacy of user searches remains intact. Inputs in the search bar do not interact with Meta AI unless specifically directed to the chatbot.

Randomized Suggestions: The report further claims that any suggestions or topics generated by Meta AI are randomly produced and are not based on personal user data.

Encryption: The WhatsApp feature tracker also claims that personal messages and calls continue to be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that communication privacy is not compromised by the new AI feature.

Meta AI feature on WhatsApp: Availability

Meta has indicated that this feature is currently in a testing phase, which might expand to include more users over the coming months based on the initial reception and feedback.

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