Nintendo May Have Up To 11 Unannounced Games Arriving on Switch in 2019


Nintendo may have up to 11 unannounced games arriving on the Switch in 2019, according to a new report from an industry insider. The house of Mario has been on a roll lately, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becoming the fastest-selling Nintendo game ever and the Switch console managing to move over 32 million units since launching in March 2017. It’s impressive to say the least, but now consumers are wondering what awaits them on the platform in 2019.

So far gamers have had New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and the spectacular Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes to distract them, with Yoshi’s Crafted World set to arrive in March. Later on this year they’ll be joined by the likes of Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and a new mainline Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch. All of these set up an eventful year for fans, but it sounds as if Nintendo may have a number of surprises still waiting in the wings.

Industry insider and well-known Nintendo tipster Emily Rogers recent took to ResetEra to outline 11 unannounced Switch games that may be arriving as soon as 2019. According to Rogers, at least two of the 11 games are digital titles set to be made available exclusively for the eShop, one is allegedly a new kit for Nintendo Labo, two are ports of Wii U games, and the rest are entirely new.

“It’s difficult to give an exact number because any game can be pushed back to 2020 for marketing/scheduling reasons.

Let me try to explain this better.

The “Most likely” Nintendo-published game announcements for 2019. (70% chance or higher)

Mystery game #1
Mystery game #2
Mystery game #3
Mystery game #4
eShop game #1
Mystery Wii U port #1 (2013 title)
eShop game #2
New Labo Kit
The “Maybe” games for 2019. (The wild card titles – 50% chance or less)
Retro Studios secret game (this is assuming it wasn’t canned)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (assuming Zell’s info and Imran’s info are correct)
Mystery Wii U port #2″

According to Rogers, she believes that at least five of the above games are set to arrive in 2019, and the only thing that would hold them back are development delays or strategic spacing of each release. This would mean that other games may be delayed or intentionally held back to fill software release gaps in 2020. Still, there are some interesting details in what is being said in the ResetEra post.

A major one is the hint that a new Wii U port arriving on Switch first debuted in 2013. This limits probable candidates to Wonderful 101 (something that has been teased by Platinum Games in the past), The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (a port of a GameCube game), Super Mario 3D World (something that feels more like an inevitability for Switch given the popularity of the franchise), and Pikmin 3 (which could act as a precursor to the rumored Pikmin 4 on Switch).

Candidates for the eShop titles include a Mother 3 port of some sort, which has been rumored on and off for a very long time. Retro Studios was believed to have been working on a racing game called Star Fox Grand Prix before being handed back the reins to the Metroid Prime series. Even Rogers appears to be confused by the status of that Star Fox project, though, and Retro Studios beginning development on Metroid Prime 4 from scratch has rightfully made insiders wary of the status of that project.

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