Hit Coop Space-Sandbox Astroneer launches out of EA on PC & Xbox One


Fans of creative gaming, spending a swell time with friends and those interested in great games in general can now finally enjoy the smash Early Access hit Astroneer in its final form. After two years of cooking in the program, Astroneer is out now with version 1.0 for PC and Xbox One. Check out the launch trailer!

Early Access games are always a risky business, at not only for developers. Customers have long grown accustomed to many indie devs biting off more than they can chew, resulting in disgruntled buyers and a game far away from its original goals. As such, seeing Early Access games become absolute success stories is always great to witness. Previous Early Access titles like Subnautica, The Long Dark and My Time At Portia are now being joined by Astroneer, as hallmark games that prove how great the unique development program can be.

Astroneer was also available on the Xbox One in their Game Preview program and showcases that Early Access has its rightful place beyond the PC. It would be great to see both Sony and Nintendo adopt a similar system like Xbox’s Game Preview for their gaming systems. As it stands, those userbases are left in the dust by not being able to play great games for years.

Developer System Era Softworks didn’t rule out PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports but as a small indie studio they rather want to focus on making the PC and Xbox One versions the best they can. Indeed, leaks from the Brazilian rating board last year are heavily hinting at PS4 and Switch ports in the near future. Seeing how Astroneer is now fully developed, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear news about those soon.

But that ought to be still several months off and for now the game is only available for PC and Xbox One. As a celebration for Astroneer’s release, you can buy the game for only $23.99 until February 18 on the Microsoft Store for Xbox and Windows 10, or for Steam directly from the developer or Steam. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, if you buy the game on the Microsoft Store, you’ll be able to play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

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