The next chapter for No Man’s Sky comes this summer with Beyond


Hello Games has announced a new, major content update for their comeback-hit No Man’s Sky. Simply titled Beyond, the new chapter of NMS will come out this Summer as a free update for all existing owners across all platforms, and is set to be the biggest update to the game yet.

Very little has been disclosed about the concrete features, improvements and additions No Man’s Sky Beyond is going to bring with itself but one thing is sure. It’s going to enhance the open-universe exploration game in a big and meaningful way. Hello Game’s head Sean Murray even goes so far as to describe it as the most ambitious chapter for No Man’s Sky. If true, that bodes well for owners who already have been enjoying a turnaround seldom seen in games with the previous “chapters”.

No Man’s Sky Beyond was originally planned as three separate updates but the developer decided to work them into one massive update instead. So, what can players expect from Beyond then? For now, Hello Games only disclosed the first component which is going to be No Man’s Sky Online. As the name implies, this portion of the Beyond chapter is focusing on radically redesigning and improving the multiplayer aspect of NMS. A welcome plan as the insanely large universe present in the procedurally-generated sandbox can always use more user-friendly mechanics.

As for the second and third components of No Man’s Sky Beyond, Hello Games plans to go further into detail on what those entail in future blog posts. So, stay tuned to learn more.

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