Amazon Prime Members Can Get 12 Months of Nintendo Switch Online For Free


If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you got another perk this week: a free subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for the next 12 months.

On Thursday Amazon announced a new deal where Nintendo Switch owners can get access to Nintendo Switch online for free for 12 months. The service allows you to play online as well as gain access to classic NES games.

To get it you have to claim the perk from this page. You’ll first get a 3-month offer and then later a 9-month offer will unlock. The reasoning behind that is to prevent people from signing up for Prime, snagging the offer, and then immediately canceling their plan. You’ll also need to be signed up for Twitch Prime, which is free with Amazon Prime.

If you’re already a Nintendo Switch Online customer you can still take advantage of the deal. Instead of your free months happening now, your free months will stack on top of the months you’ve already paid for. The deal is available through the end of September.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and Amazon Prime it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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