The PhoneSoap Is a Necessity for Anyone Living in 2019


You’re addicted to your smartphone. No shame. We all are. But it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily addicted to social media, specifically. Phones offer more than just Instagram and Facebook — breaking news alerts, all your contacts, access to your credit cards, etc. — which is why they never leave our hands.

Now take a minute and think of allthe things your hands touch during a single day. Those germs are on your phone. Then, when you take a call, they get on your ears and cheeks. Even when you wash your hands, your phone doesn’t get washed.

As we all know, germs spread. But they particularly spread in warm, closed spaces like your pocket or purse. Studies show that your phone is actually dirtier than a toilet seat (18 times dirtier according to a PhoneSoap study)

The PhoneSoap is the best way to get your phone completely clean. Unlike Clorox and various cleaning wipes, the PhoneSoap gets into hard-to-reach places. It’s clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs through powerful UV-C light. The UV-C light destroys nucleic acids and also breaks apart bacteria DNA which kills the organisms and prevents them from reproducing.

You won’t have to worry about your phone not fitting in the cleaner. It fits phones of all sizes, even when they have a thicker case on. In fact, make sure you leave the case on — because you want your phone, just as you use it, to get cleaned. I have a PopSocket on my phone and it still fits.

To start, place the phone in the PhoneSoap and shut the top. The blue indicator light on top will light up to let you know that the 10-minute cleaning process is taking place. Once the light goes out, your phone is ready.

I use mine every night. I throw it in before I get in the shower and by the time I’m clean, my phone is, too. Sometimes, when I’ve run a lot of errands and have been out all day, I’ll put it in right when I get home, because I can just sense all the germs building up, and it grosses me out.

You can buy it individually, or in packs of two and five. They even make a PhoneSoap Go version that comes with a carrying case and can be used wirelessly. Each PhoneSoap has a lifetime warranty, so if ever the bulbs burn out, they’ll replace it for you.

Once you’re addicted to the cleaner — trust us, it won’t take long — you’ll want the PhoneSoap XL. It has the same cleaning power, but more room for your tablets, remotes, and controllers. Happy cleaning!

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