Flipping Out! Here’s the 4 Best Flip Phones to Buy in 2019


Whether you are looking to save money, reduce distractions, or simply are indulging a bit of nostalgia, it seems that flip phones are catching back on in 2019. And manufacturer’s have noticed as well…

This means that if you’re looking to sport a flip phone, you’re no longer left looking for used phones on eBay or dealing with cheap-feeling, budget-friendly prepaids.

In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at the 4 best flip phones of 2019.

Alcatel Go Flip

Pros: Minimalist, sleek design, easy to read front panel, microSD support, 4G support, Wi-Fi support
Cons: Weak camera

Featuring a rounded, matte plastic shell and a small screen on the front so you don’t have to open the phone to check your notifications, the Alcatel GO FLIP design is simple but effective.

The 2.8-inch main display is one of the largest currently available in a flip phone. It’s only 320-by-240 pixels, so you can’t use it for much more than responding to messages or performing basic web searches. But it’s a nice screen nonetheless with a bright backlight and good color.

The phone features 4GB of internal storage. If you’d like to listen to music or podcasts, you can add up to 32GB of storage space with a microSD card.

There’s also a headphone jack — a feature that can be hard to find in basic phones.

Don’t expect much from phone’s 2MP camera. It might as well not be there unless you just need a quick snapshot as a reminder.

While the phone is a feature phone, it fully supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to find coverage and provides a little added convenience.

On Amazon, a reviewer says, “Bought it to fight my phone addiction and I have to say it works very well. Already sold my iPhone and this phone is everything is wanted.”

Jethro SC330v2

Pros: SOS button, microSD support, extra loud speaker, quick dial buttons, charging dock
Cons: Weak flashlight, weak camera

If you’re looking for a simple phone flip for kids or for older adults, the Jethro SC330v2 offers some ideal features.

The large keypad makes it easy to dial numbers while the 2.4-inch display and adjustable font sizes make it easy to see notifications and read text messages.

There’s a programmable SOS button and two quick dial buttons above the keypad for added peace of mind and ease of use.

For seniors, the phone is hearing aid compatible and reviews indicate that the speakerphone is also very loud.

The 1.3MP rear camera won’t win any photography contests, but it’s there for quick snapshots or reminders.

If you’re worried about losing cords or damaging ports, the charging cradle makes the phone easy to charge as well.

Kyocera DuraXE

Pros: Long battery life, 4G support, microSD support, loud speaker Cons: Price

Rugged flips are some of the most durable mobile options available. There’s no massive screens to worry about like with rugged smartphones, and they’re nice and compact so they’ll survive drops and dings without worry.

The DuraXE also features a loud speaker which remains clear even at the highest volumes. This makes it great for use on a work site or in crowded areas. 

There is also 8GB of internal storage — a rare feature in the flip phone market.

If you toss in a 32GB microSD card as well, you could store hours of podcasts or music without worry.

There’s also a 2.4-inch display to make reading texts or checking call notifications easy and 4G LTE support should you need to look up directions or check movie times using the basic web browser.

LG Exalt LTE

Pros: 5MP Camera, Wi-Fi, Wi-FI Calling on supported networks, 4G LTE, basic communications apps, Bluetooth, large display, text-to-speech, microSD support
Cons: Price, limited carrier support

Looking a bit like the Moto V3 RAZR, the LG Exalt LTE features a long rectangular design with minimal decoration and a metal-like finish. But don’t be fooled, it’s still plastic — though that’s not a bad thing.

The phone features a large 3-inch display and a large keypad, making the phone easy to use and texts call notifications a breeze to read. There’s also a basic web browser and email client — along with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi support to make them actually useful.

This makes the phone more like a smartphone in terms of communication potential, but with none of the extra distractions, like social media and app notifications.

You’ll also find 8GB of internal storage for keep your favorite music or podcasts on hand. If you need more space, the phone accepts microSD cards up to 32GB in capacity.

It’s currently a Verizon exclusive though, so you’ll need to check coverage in your area if you want to use it.

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