You May Soon Be Able To Embed Music In Snapchat Posts


It may soon be possible to embed licensed music in your Snapchat posts. Snap, the company behind the ephemeral messaging app, is reportedly in discussions with some of the largest music labels in order to license their music so that users can embed it in their posts. Instagram already has a similar deal with the labels which allows users to embed music to their Instagram Stories.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Snap is in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group in order to license their songs for its users. Once a deal is reached, it will be possible for Snapchat users to use those tracks as the background music for their posts.

Such deals are nothing new. Facebook inked a licensing deal with three major record labels in 2018 which allowed users across all of its platforms to put licensed music in their videos. The deal covered Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus.

Thus it makes sense for Snap to push for a similar deal with labels since it would enable the company to keep its app competitive against Facebook and Instagram. It’s unclear at this point in time just how far along the talks are and when users can expect to have licensed music available to them within Snapchat.

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