Baby Confuses Her Name For Alexa Because Her Parents Use Amazon’s Alexa Too Much


When the world was introduced to smart speakers with built-in digital assistants, there were some concerns about the technology, such as how much of what we say to it is recorded, and whether or not these devices are spying on us. However, it turns out that there might be another problem we didn’t quite anticipate.

In a video shared by Good Morning America, a viewer has sent in a video which shows a 7-month baby by the name of Caroline, who despite it being her given name, seems to only respond hilariously to “Alexa”. This is because apparently her parents rely on Amazon’s digital assistant a bit too often for their own good, resulting in poor baby Caroline mistaking her parents calling out Alexa for her own name.

In the video above, you can hear the mom call out the baby’s name Caroline a few times, only to be ignored. However, when the name “Alexa” is called out, the baby girl turns around.

We imagine that this could be a problem with other digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Bing, although maybe not so much for Google whose trigger word is “OK Google”. It also doesn’t help that Amazon is kind of dominating the smart speaker market at the moment, which means that there are a good number of parents out there who might be unconsciously “training” their child to respond to “Alexa” instead of their own name.

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