iOS 13 Will Use Your iPhones To Fix Your Apple TV’s Audio Sync Issues


We’re sure that we’ve all watched videos in which the video and audio are completely out of sync with each other. It can be a bit disconcerting and can be very annoying. There are various ways to fix that, but it seems that with iOS 13, Apple has plans to use your iPhone to help fix any audio sync issues that you might be experiencing with your Apple TV.

The feature is called Wireless Audio Sync and from Apple’s description of the feature, it will use your iOS device to measure how long it will take for your TV to play audio and video. This is done by the Apple TV playing a series of tones which will then be picked up by your iPhone which measures how long it takes to hear those sounds.

From there, it will attempt to ascertain if there might be any audio sync issues, for example if the audio takes longer to reach or reaches your iPhone faster than the video, that means that the audio sync is off and it will attempt to recalibrate. This feature is said to only needed to be performed once, but if you change your television or audio equipment, you might have to run the process again.

It is a pretty useful feature to have we reckon that there will probably be a lot of people who might have use for it.

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