GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a Games Launcher That Combines Your Entire Games Library Into One


GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games, has released the beta for its new launcher. Dubbed GOG Galaxy 2.0, the new launcher has made massive changes to the original, and its core feature is a consolidation of your entire games library, regardless of the launcher or storefront you bought the game from.

As part of this new feature, you won’t be able to completely skip using Steam or Epic Games Launcher, but looking for games to play should get much easier since you won’t have to hop between different launcher windows. Along with the games, all your friends list will also be consolidated into GOG Galaxy 2.0.

In its press release announcing GOG Galaxy 2.0, GOG has also made special mention of its privacy features. According to the press release, your personal data will never be shared with third parties and GOG promises it’s not spying on data from your PC. You will also be able to remove imported games and friends data from their servers with a single click.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is currently in closed beta, and you can sign up for access to the beta through the official website. According to the website, a lot of the features are already active, including leaderboards and activity feeds for your friends lists. Some features, however, aren’t in the client yet. These features include cross-platform chat and games discovery.

GOG is traditionally well-known for selling DRM-free copies of games, both classic as well as modern. Since GOG is a part of CD Projekt, it also sells DRM-free copies of The Witcher franchise, as will also sell DRM-free copies of the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

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