Hitman 2 Gets New York Location Today


Hitman 2’s expansion pass is getting its next location. Set in New York, the new level is out today for all expansion pass and expansion pass 1 owners. The location includes the new Golden Handshake campaign mission, along with contracts mode for the mission, new challenges, unlocks and achievements.

New York will also have its own Mastery progression system, and each level of the Mastery Rank will unlock either a new starting point, agency pickup, tool, or weapon. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer implies the New York location will entail a large bank building, and the targets could entail references to classic bank robbery movies.

Along with New York, the content drop also includes a couple of new missions for older maps. The new missions include Illusions of Grandeur and Embrace of the Serpent, and these missions involve Agent 47 returning to the Columbia and Mumbai levels.

The release of the New York location is the second major content drop of 2019, according to IO Interactive’s 2019 content roadmap. Hitman 2 got a Sniper map in an earlier content drop, and the next content drop will also be a sniper map. The last content drop of the year, scheduled for some time this fall, will include a new location, dubbed The Resort.

The Expansion Pass is part of Hitman 2’s Gold Edition, while those who bought the Silver Edition will have to buy the pass separately. But Hitman 2 isn’t exactly lacking in content, since along with its own set of new maps, it also supports all of the maps from Hitman 1, with all of the newer engine’s features.

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