Mozilla’s Firefox Preview Browser Is Twice As Fast


One of the main components that makes for a good browsing experience is speed. If a website takes too long to load, most people would just give up and seek an alternative website instead. While web hosts do play a role in determining how fast pages load, browser are also crucial in this aspect where it will also help determine loading times.

For those who prioritize speed over other features, you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has recently announced a new mobile browser called Firefox Preview. This will be a stripped down version of its Firefox browser in which the emphasis is placed on privacy and speed. According to Mozilla, they claim that Firefox Preview will be twice as fast as the regular version of Firefox, and in addition to speed, there is emphasis placed on privacy where tracking protection is enabled by default.

This is not Mozilla’s first attempt at creating privacy-focused browsers. The company had previously launched Firefox Focus, but they soon realized that while users wanted privacy, they also wanted a full-fledged mobile browsing experience, which ultimately led to them creating Firefox Preview.

At the moment, Firefox Preview is available for beta testing for Android devices and Mozilla has announced plans to launch the public version this coming fall.

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